Friday, April 28, 2006

*cat* mustaches blog 

cat mustaches blog
Originally uploaded by Liz Henry.
Christopher. Darling. We are not prejudiced here at catmustache.blogspot.com. All kinds of cat, except perhaps the valuable Manx, are suitable for the creation of the ephemeral yet glorious "cat mustache". And all kinds of cat are welcome.

This is a dog, not a cat. What next? Rats? Skunks? Armadillos?

Or will you go far, far too far in an entirely different direction, and present us with... the cat merkin?

It is this sort of disrespect for taxonomy that is ruining our modern world.

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a debonair catstache 

cat mustaches blog
Originally uploaded by Liz Henry.
Christopher Sykes has sent us two examples of the noble art.

Here, apparently it takes more than one set of hands to keep the cat in place.

Great curvy tail-tip configuration there, y'all!

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