Friday, May 12, 2006

Milk and Cake has the right idea with this stunning finger mustache. The world can't all be cat tail mustaches as much as we would like it to be.

She shows remarkable ingenuity in grabbing the nearest marker at work, dashing off a swirly, curly and if I may say so, dastardly little mustache. and so discreet!

Imagine if she were to cart her cat with her to work and every time she wanted to subtly say "bite me!" to a client she had to whip out her cat and wrangle its tail to her face. I mean really, that would be impractical.

A cat is at first a tiny little pink-nosed creature, so small that it could rest in the hollow of the hand. In one or two months it is a pretty kitten that amuses itself at a mere nothing, and with its nimble paw whips the wisp of paper that one throws before it. Cat mustaches, sleepy beds that make it look like your cat has been eaten by a fish, and odd outfits just touch the surface of this
article about trends for your pet's inner fashion diva.

Persian Cats and Kittens - Purrinlot Cattery
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